Limit of daily hours worked per user

Each member of my team works a total of 8 hours a day. Can I be able to get an alert if I take a total of tasks that exceed 8 hours a day for a day and be able to spend a task the next day?

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Hi Leandro, thanks for posting on the Community! Just to clarify: are you referring to time which is tracked by users through the Time Tracker, or the duration you allocate to a task? While there's no limit for the Time Tracker, you can easily track allocated resources with the help of the Workload View and Effort Allocation. Effort Allocation can be enabled in Wrike Labs, and helps get a visual representation of available resources on the Workload View. Take a look at our post about Effort Allocation: Allocated Hours to learn some more tips about this functionality.  Here's an example of what the result would look like:

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