Problems to get the customFields of a new task



I’m trying to get the custom fields of a new task created by a copy of a folder. The problem is that when I ask for the custom fiends of this task in the new folder the query returns the custom fields empty, but there are custom fields inside. Some curious data is that if I go to the task in the web page and I insert a value in some of this custom fields if I ask again for the custom fields the query return the custom fields that I put a value correct. This last option can help to me because I’m using a Java program to create all of this values so I need the custom field's id just in the moment tan I’m running the program, otherwise the program fails because the custom fields are empty. Can anybody help me whit this?


Thank you very much.


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Hi Oscar! Thank you for sharing your issue.

Do you mean that in Wrike Workspace there are values for CFs of the duplicated tasks, however API does not return them? Normally the behaviour you describe happens when you create CFs, leave them empty (no value entered for tasks) and do not apply them to the folder as 'customColumns' (this is one of the parameters for the Folder model). In this case fields would not be displayed via API until you add the 1st field value. 

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