Multi-part forms in a single inline format

It would be good to be able to enter multi-part forms in a single, inline page rather than as separate pages so each question adds a new "module" to the request rather than taking them to a new screen.

That way the requestor can review their prior responses in a single glance as they go, and before submitting.

Currently there are too many separate screens which leads to "abandoned cart" syndrome with requests.  This would allow a form to work as a multi-part conditional form (i.e.: questions can be adapted to previous responses) while also allowing the requestor to view the entire request in one screen.

his would also give a sense of progress on form entry, which can be tedious if it's endless screens.

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Hi Alex, thanks for sharing another great idea! :) This is an interesting way of looking at things and I can see what you mean here, I think the point about being able to review answers is great. Do you think that another potential solution could be adding a completion progress bar, as well as a option to review all answers before submitting? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this!


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