Enforcing a process

Is there a way to enforce a process in wrike? For example, I am trying to get our staff to follow a set of steps at the end of each task, there are about 10 steps they need to check off.

I know you can put checklists in tasks, but this is a) manual to put in (copy/paste) and then there is no way to MAKE them do it.

I looked at Jira Core and notice they have forms at certain steps...

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Hi Tim, thanks for posting your question here! I'm interested in learning a bit more about how you'd see this enforcement. Would it block a user from proceeding to the next step before the previous one is complete? While there aren't any enforcement mechanisms in Wrike at the moment, something I wanted to suggest is creating separate tasks for each of these steps, and linking them together with the help of dependencies. Keeping action items in tasks provides greater visibility and accountability, and makes it easier to track the items which haven't been completed yet. Happy to hear what you think about this!


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