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Is there a field that I can use for Client Name in Wrike without including it in the project/task name? We do work for hundreds of clients and don't want to create a folder for each client. We created folders based on the status of the projects/tasks.

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Dina Masgutova

Hey Tosin, thank you for posting your question along with how you organize your work within Wrike! There is a Custom Field feature available for Business and Enterprise subscriptions, that allows to add fields to existing tasks for additional information, like client name. 
To create the field:
  1. Select the Folder with the tasks where you’d like to apply the field.
  2. Select Table View from the Navigation header.
  3. Click “+ Add column” to the right followed by “+ Create new field” in the dropdown that appears.
  4. Name the field ‘Client Name’, set the type to Text and apply the field to all levels including tasks and subtasks.
The field will appear in Table View and in Task View and will be visible to all team members who have access to the Folder. You can also use it to filter out tasks with the certain client name.
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