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Hey Wrike Community,

If you feel this is important to you, please vote on it.

Issue - I like the fact I can create a recurring task on the first Monday of the month. However, our repetitive client workflows require us to build on this functionality. The problem lies around creating a recurring task 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 etc. business days into a given month, which would appear impossible right now. Without this functionality a recurring task will inevitably fall on a weekend

I would therefore like Wrike to give us the ability to build on existing functionality and add a recurring task "x" days following the first, second, third or fourth day (Monday, Tuesday etc) of every month. This functionality will mean we can pretty much always select a recurring task for any business day in any month. Please note that I am not requesting the xth day of the month (which is simple to setup but will eventually fall on a weekend).

Wrike support suggested I post this here and request people vote up this feature request. Over you you!

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Hi Lorne, thank you for taking the time to write this idea up on the Community! This is a really interesting use case, and I really appreciate the details you've shared here. :)

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I agree we have deliverables on the 5th working day of the month, is this functionality now available?

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Agreed - this would be very helpful.  Regular meetings, client or IT Operations maintenance tasks could be incorporated for both status updates or resourcing considerations.  These are usually scheduled by days of the week (every Tuesday, last Thursday of the month etc..)


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Agreed, although what we require is the ability to have something reoccur on the 25th of the month or the closest working day thereafter.

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Hey Wrike,

Rereading my initial request after Nicole's reply. I would actually like the functionality to:

  1. Set the task to recur on the 1st or 2nd or 3rd...10th etc. BUSINESS DAY of the month as well as
  2. The last or 2nd last or 3rd last.....10th last etc BUSINESS DAY of the month.

Nicole's example adds to this with additional functionality i.e. the 25th or the nearest business day.

Any update on these requests?


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This would be SO useful for my team and me. We have several items that have to be completed on certain business days. We have recurring tasks set up for them, but then we have to manually go in and check to see if the date actually lined up correctly.


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