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Wrike developed a standard marcom request form for us external project requests.  I would like to be able to customize the intro language on the form to enable requestors to understand the workflow and set expectations on lead times before they fill out the form.  I was told that this form is not customizable and we are not allowed to add text at the beginning.  This would be a one-time request to change the form. 

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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Susan, thanks for reaching out! Outside of the questions on the form (and custom logo branding) you can't customize the text on Request forms. That said, a workaround might be to add a dummy question at the top of the form with some explanatory text. I know that's by no means a solution, but just something to try and help in the meantime. 

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I would also like the ability to customize the final page of the form. It seems odd to ask those filling out the form to enter their phone number on the previous screen and then enter their name and email on the final screen. It would be more logical to collect all contact information on the final screen. 

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Please add the ability to customize the confirmation page once a form is submitted. We would like to add our company logo and some additional text and links.


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