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My team is responsible for routine maintenance and support of systems as well as project work. Approximately 35% of my team's capacity is allocated to support work every week which only leaves 65% of their time available for project work. Their capacity for project work is further reduced during the first two and last two weeks of a quarter to approximately 3 hours a day.

Today, Wrike can't help me calculate potential end dates for project items because it calculates dates based upon the assumption that there are 8 available hours in a day for the work in the project when in reality there are 5. As a result, I have to manually calculate potential end times and adjust the dates in my projects. This takes a significant amount of time to manually process and I am not always certain that my dates are correct.

I would like the ability to enter available working hours on a hourly basis per employee; specifying for instance that only 5 hours a day are available for Wrike based work. I would like to be able to specify this for any date or range of dates.

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Hi Katie! Thank you for sharing your use case, this is an amazing description. However, there is already a similar request with a few upvotes (Ability to amend working hours per day), so it would be great if you could upvote it yourself and post your idea as a comment - to keep everything in a single thread.

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

If you don't mind we'll close this post for comments now and direct everyone to the main thread to keep it alive.


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