Adding a ressource, but not a new user

Hi Community 

I have just startet my free trial as I want to find the perfect tool to manage my projects in the company.

We are not an organization that is project driven, but I have projects (mainly IT related) that I have to identify down to the single tasks, in order to be able to follow up and report to management on milestones and timelines.

I therefore have several different participants I have to add as ressources, so I can see who will be involved in each task, but without adding them as a user because they are not going to work in Wrike.

So here is the question:

"Is it possible to add a ressource (such as an external vendor, a room, or a participant in a single task) to the different tasks, and get an overview in a report?

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Hi Robert, thank you for posting here and welcome to the Community! Great to see you giving Wrike a go - we'll definitely be glad to answer any questions to help your team set up your workflows and get on board. :) Here's a post published by my colleague, which goes over different ways to Track Resource Availability in Wrike. Happy to continue the discussion, let us know if you have any other questions about getting started, we're here to help. :)

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