Grouping by Project in Report Layout

I would like to report on all my projects according to their status in Reports, so I can create a big picture representation of progress. Essentially, I'm hoping to build a Wrike report where I have my projects on the x axis, the task count on the y axis, and a column for each project organized according to task status.

Could "Project" be added as an option to the "Group By" options for the "Tasks" reports? Would also be useful if I could group by folder.  

Additionally, the automatic ordering of my projects in my folders is problematic as I need to display things in a specific order when using Wrike in meetings. Could this be made customisable?




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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Christopher! I love to hear that you're diving into Reports. If you make a Table Report, we do have an option to group by "Parent Folder" which groups tasks based on the Folder or Project that they're in. You would then also add the option to group by "Status Group". That way you would see tasks grouped by status and within that by Folder. Would that solve what you are looking to do?

In terms of how Projects are ordered in the Folder tree, all items are sorted alphanumerically. While you can't drag and drop Folders into the order you want them to be in, you can number your Folders so that they appear in the correct order. Something like this

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