Time Detail (start/stop time entries in detail) in Timelog

In addition to other requests for simultaneous display in reports for minutes and fractional minutes (xx.xx and xx:xx), it's essential for a firm in project management to have an accurate journal of chronological time entries.

  • Each time entry would have its own check-in/check-out times and its total associated time
  • Each task/sub-task would therefore have the ability to have multiple time entries to be inputs to the total time for the task/sub-task
  • Viewing the Timelog view would allow for reporting in multiple ways, including chronologically by day/week/month/year as one filter, and by project/task/sub-task as another separate filter

In the Timelog view for example, each time entry would have both the start/stop times and total time per task. Each start/stop would be a separate entry, and then we could simply view a task/sub-task for total time for all entries (clicking a link would expand the detail of time entries showing each).

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Hi - this is a great request as I'm finding our team needs the same flexibility. We're new to Wrike and for time tracking purposes we were looking to use Wrike's time tracking feature in place of Toggl, which is what we're currently using. We rely pretty heavily on the time stamp feature within Toggl and I've been looking for the same flexibility in Wrike. 

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Hi William and Jessica, thanks for sharing and supporting this idea! I think this is great, and can see how it would be helpful to view data on a more granular level. I also wanted to link you to a couple other similar requests on the Community which you may be interested in voting for too:

Happy to discuss this further!

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+1 for adding time stamps - it would be extremely helpful to stamp the time when "clocking in" and "clocking out" of a task. 

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We recently contacted Wrike to ask about the time stamp feature in our timelog as well. We track our time as a routine part of how we do business. If you forget to log a task or meeting, it's difficult to see the time flow at the end of the day, with the exception that the tasks are listed chronologically. 

Obviously Wrike is tracking the start and stop times in the background to make the timer feature work, so it's simply a matter of making it easily reportable in the time log. 

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Any further progress on this request? 


It's been over 2 years since the original request from William C. 

We have been using Toggl.com for time stamps, which is an extra expense on top of Wrike. 

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Hey guys, thanks for your input here. I don't have any updates on this one at the moment, but I'll get back to you when I have news. Please keep upvoting the request - once it reaches 60 votes, we'll apply a Product Feedback status to it 👍

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