Enable G Suite for Part of the Team

You set up your beautiful G Suite integration. Yay! Right?.. But then you may find yourself in a situation where someone on your team doesn’t want to use the Gmail Gadget. Or they don’t want to see the Wrike App in their Google apps list. In this case, you can easily set up your account so that only some of the people on your domain use the G Suite integration.

Set Up G Suite Integration for a Segment of Users

When installing the Wrike app for the first time you will see a window that looks like this:

Click the arrow near your domain name. From here you can chose your entire domain, or just a suborganization to be integrated with Wrike.

Creating sub-organizations can be done in the G Suite admin panel, in the Users section. From there, you’ll be able to use the left-side navigation, with your domains listed, to create new suborganizations. After you create one, you can add users who wish to be part of the Wrike G Suite integration to it.

In case you’ve already integrated the entire domain and someone on your team decides they don’t want to use the Wrike integration, then you can create a suborganization for the integration and move users who wish to be integrated to it. Afterwards, go to Apps - Marketplace Apps and use the menu to the right of the Wrike app to select “On only for some organizations”. You will be prompted to override the setting for the suborganization you wish to remain integrated, turn the app off for the domain and check if the Wrike app is still on for the suborganization you need.

To finish things up, contact Wrike Support with the list of emails of people who are no longer part of the integration and we will drop the integration for those users from the Wrike side. With that done, the Gmail gadget will be gone from the email footers of those who are no longer integrated and the Wrike app won’t show up the Google Apps list for them. And all is well.

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