attachments - Shared link vs people in the folder

I'm trying to set up a process for us to attach box files to Wrike tasks.  Issue I have is the security setting since Wrike sets the link to be accessed by anyone with the link in box.  Is there any way so that when Wrike grabs the link it will set it to "People in the folder"?


I've tried defaulting new links to "People in the folder" within box which works fine when selecting files to share but Wrike still keeps setting links to "People with the link"

Any suggestions

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Hi Jon, thanks for posting this question here! I checked in with our technical team, and it looks like Box doesn't provide an option to to use private links (even though you can control share settings within Box itself), and the only option they offer is a general "Share Link". This means that to attach a file to an external resource such as Wrike, Box generates a public link, and the "People with link" option is enabled.

Hopefully we can implement this in the future (like we’ve done with Google Drive attachments), we just need Box to update their link setting options first. 

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