How to monitor workload vs working capacity ?

Hi Guys,

I work  for an enginnering company.

We mainly sell working hours to our customers.

My department has 5 people who work individually  8hours a day.

My department has a working capacity of 200 hours / week. (5*8*5 days)

When I planned the weeky task for the team on wrike, I have a hard time to make sure the workload is equal to the working capacity ?

Which tool can I use to monitor that information ?

Can I use the analytic feature ?





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Hi Maxence, thanks for the question! I have a few suggestions for this use case, it sounds like a couple of features combined could do the trick here:

  • The Workload View allows you to assign tasks based on your team's availability, and coupled with Effort Allocation, you can easily check the amount of time each team member works for each day.
  • When Effort Allocation is enabled, you can switch to the Table View to see a summary of allocated hours per Project. To do this, enable "Sum" type aggregation:

  • Time Tracking helps with keeping track of the hours users have already spent working on tasks. This field is also visible from the Table View, so you can see allocated hours alongside the actual spent time. If needed, additional Custom Fields can be created.

I also wanted to mention that there's an existing request on our Product Feedback section, which I though you might be interested in voting for: Billable Hours Report. Happy to help answer any other questions!

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Can you get a sum of hours per person per month? That's how we track how busy people are currently (in a crappy spreadsheet recorded over from a gantt chart). This helps us to determine when we have people freed up to take on more work so we can tell new clients when we can start on their projects. 


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Hi Kayla, welcome to Wrike and the Community!
How do you find using Effort Allocation to see this detail? This feature allows you to see, in a time frame, how many hours each person is busy working on tasks. This function doesn't allow you to sum up the total hours. Usually seeing allocation over a period of time gives a better indication of the days each person is free, but I'd love to hear a use case around how you would use the sum of hours to make resourcing decision. This would help me better understand your request.
If it's a time report in retrospect, i.e. looking back at how busy someone was, how about using Time Tracking on your team? This allows each person to track how much time they're spending on tasks by simply clicking the play button on the task itself. The timer runs until your log a time. You can then run a Timelog Report to see this detail for each person to see how much time was spent on tasks in a set period of time.
Also, I want to mention this live webinar, Resource Management may be beneficial for you to attend next week. You can learn from Wrike experts how to maintain your and your team's workload in Wrike and ask questions.
Looking forward to your reply to the above, thanks for posting! 🙂
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Hey Stephen,

Essentially what we do is say X person has about 120 hours to dedicate to various projects each month. We then estimate the work load of each project per month with task budgets, and then pull totals for all projects that they are involved in. If they only have say 40 hours booked or estimated, then we know we could take on another project that month involving that person.

We typically can do this a couple months out, which helps us tell our sales guys "Hey, we don't really have anyone that could work with this new client until March" and then they can better manage the client expectations.

I did attend the Resource Management webinar last week, and it was helpful. Being able to pull reports about effort allocation is probably going to be key here, but I'd love any additional thoughts you might have!

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Hi Kayla, thanks for your reply and sorry for the delay getting back - I was having a think about how best to track this information 🤔
I think if you're looking to plan your estimates, the best approach is to use a number Custom Field - 'Estimate'. Once you apply this to the tasks you've created, you can then assign the person who will be working on the task and enter how long you estimate the work will take in Custom Field.
You can then run a Report and use the Reporting filters; assignee, 'Estimate', and a select the time period. You can then sum the total 'Estimate' values and it will give you the total time that person will be spending on all tasks they're assigned to.
Why not give it a go, and let me know what you think. If you have any questions, I'm here to help! 👍
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Hi Kayla & Stephen, 

I'm in exactly the same boat. I run a firm which works in the same way. I have 4 consultants who all do x-hours per week. They will own a project from start to finish. The project has estimates around  the amount of hours expected, therefore I can estimate how free we are as a team weeks or months in advance to be able to say to a client when we can start on a given project. 

Kayla, i'd be keen to know if Stephen's idea worked for you. 

Stephen it has been some years since this was posted, is there a new way of working. 

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Hello @Carl, welcome to the COmmunity and sorry for the delay getting back to you. 

I'd suggest you check out the Workload Charts - they help manage workload capacity of your team and plan work allocation. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about them, I'll be happy to discuss 🙂

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