Missing basic reports in Wrike

Like everyone using Wrike, I suppose, I am classifying tasks by "Folder/Project" architecture. It takes time.  Then the controller is asking me to give him a report on time spent by project on several projects for the month of February.

But my tasks are covering several months and I need only the part for February.

Well, WRIKE can't do that for two reasons:

  1. WRIKE takes only the last container (folder or project) as a group so I can't get a classification by Folder/Project
  2. WRIKE cannot count the time spent in February, it can only give the time of the complete task!

I think these are two basic features WRIKE should have. We spent lots of time putting data in WRIKE but we can't benefit from that! 


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Hi Dominique, thank you for posting this suggestion here, this is really helpful! We're currently looking into ways of enhancing the whole Reporting experience in Wrike, and learning about your ideas and requests helps us better understand which functionality would be important to you in this area.


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