WBS codes

It would be nice if we could create WBS codes for a Project. 


For example, for each Project we could create a Code Prefix for its tasks using numbers, letters or symbols.

Using basic numbers, the subtasks would be numbered as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3... And if you move or delete a task, they would be automatically updated.

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Hi Marcelo, welcome to the Community :) Automatic assignment of numeric prefixes sounds very useful, thank you for sharing this idea here! I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but I wanted to mention that when you duplicate a Project or Folder, there's an option to set a prefix for its tasks and Subfolders/Subprojects. This prefix is carried over to all items inside the new Project/Folder, to avoid any confusion when duplicating tasks with the same names several times:

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I've been looking for the WBS structure at Wrike but it seems that it is not possible to assign WBS codes/numbers on project tasks, the same way we've seen on MS Project. It would be really nice if we could create WBS codes for a Project. 

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it would be more than really nice - it would be essential!


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I am in a trial now.  I am comparing to ProjectManager.  I like Wrike better generally, HOWEVER, ProjectManager has a really nice WBS feature... its a task list COLUMN which automatically re-numbers a multi level number in the column.


If you move a task, it renumbers all appropriately.  


This would avoid the very tedious renumbering within the Title column, and the need for leading zeros etc... ("00123")  


Please add WBS!

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Hey wrike forum post followers, there is a bit of WBS related momentum in a different post (which you might already be following).  If we can get a few more votes there, it might encourage wrike to consider some development.


I assume (hope) that there will be an opportunity to help wrike product developers figure out the scope to best deliver the specific feature you are interested in.


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