Filter to show Overdue OR Backlogged (no date) tasks hidding future tasks

We have been struggling in how to hide future tasks. I tried to use "Task To Do Filter" selecting "overdue" and "Today".... this works well because all the future tasks will not be shown but the problem is tasks with no date also (and we need to see tasks with no date).
In order to show the tasks with "no date" we selected another filter "task type backlogged" but this time all tasks were hidden. The problem is Wrike understood "AND" when we selected a different filter family.
Instead to show both, Wrike understand: show tasks with no date AND tasks overdue. Of course the result is empty.

My suggestion: add the filter "backlogged" or another name in the same family of filters "task to do filter". Doing this Wrike will understand "OR" and not "AND".


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I think I share a similar frustration. I have tasks that are recurring on a weekly basis. I don't need all of these iterations to appear in my "backlog." The only way I see to remove them is to add a date filter. The problem is that this then only shows tasks with dates assigned to them. Any tasks that do not have a start date are then lost in this view.

My suggestion is to add a date filter of "no date" or "not assigned" with the ability to check another date range filter at the same time to give the user the choice of "and/or."

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Hi Phillip, thanks for posting this! I wanted to share an existing suggestion regarding specifically recurring task management, which I thought you might be interested in upvoting too: Improve How Recurring Tasks Work.


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