FAQ: Profile Settings

A personalized and up-to-date Profile facilitates collaboration and helps you customize settings according to your personal preferences. To access the Profile section: 1) Click your avatar in the top-right corner of the Workspace and 2) Select “Profile”.

Where can I change my profile picture and contact details?

In the Profile tab 1 (which is open by default), you can upload a profile picture, change your first and last name, enter your job title, company name, location and phone number. Your team members can see this information when clicking your profile picture in the Workspace.

Quick Tip: Not all license types see contact information the same way. Regular Users see all other users’ contact details, External Users can only see the contact information of people who share common Tasks, Folders, and Projects with them, and Collaborators are able to see only the names and profile images (not the full contact information) of people who share common Tasks, Folders, and Projects with them.

Can I change my timezone and the language of the Workspace?

Change your timezone and Workspace language in the Settings 2 section. Scheduling, notifications, and the time displayed in the Workspace are based on timezone settings indicated here. Learn more about available languages, here.

Can I change the format tasks are created in?

You can choose to create backlogged tasks (without a start/due date) or make new tasks due today by default. At the bottom of the Settings section, select the default format for tasks you create. The default task duration can also be modified here.

Can I change my email address and notification settings?

Choose which email notifications you would (or wouldn’t) like to receive, schedule a time to receive a Daily To-Do email, and set up email integration settings in the Email addresses tab. 3

Quick Tip: You can add multiple email addresses to your Profile. Learn more about changing your email address here.

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