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i just was confronted with a very simple request by one of our user: "Please make Wrike as simple as Outlook."

What he is meaning: I have Outlook in my Autostart. So when I start Windows in the morning Outlook pops up automatically and shows in the first screen all new mails I have to care about.

At the moment I see different situations with Wrike:

1) The desktop App I can put to autostart. It should start in the configuration you closed it last time. Problem is that it does not work. The app definitely has a bug here and also support tickets with Wrike could not resolve the problem (the problem is that the App sometimes starts in very old configurations you used some days orweeks before and does not save the last status at closing). So in my oppinion the advantage of the Wrike app (starting in same status as closed the day before is not given and the app is useless.

2) use the browser. You can do that but than my question is: how can I start with a user defined dashboard? Reason is that we have a centralized dashboard in whcih 90% of our colleagues can see their tasks and it is the only place they need (the same as the mail inbox in outlook). Problem is that the browser start with the homepage. Then you have to make some clicks to the dashboard. That is more than people know from Outlook and so they compare and they reject to work with Wrike (and use mails instead).

It seems to be a very small problem (two clicks in the morning), but I have to be realistic as I am working with real people: that reduces acceptance of Wrike and generates resistance. As change is always difficult each small resistance is bad, so I need a solution for this. Any ideas?

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Hi Sven,

this should be very easy. Forget about the desktop app and use a chromium based browser. Open the specific dashboard in your browser and create a desktop short cut which opens in a new window:

Copy the shortcut from your desktop to your Autostart folder.

That's it.

For more options with browser tabs that behave like an own app, see here:

Kind regards


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Hi Sven Passinger,
I use Chrome with "pinned" tabs.
In this way, the last page opened/visited if in a locked tab is the same one I have in the morning when I turn on my pc.
Alternatively, you could use Wrike HOME, pinning what you want to show immediately and reorganizing this first screen for each user.

Let me know if I can help you ;)

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Hi Pietro Poli

the way with browser (Chrome is not allowed due to IT, but I will look into others), I will have a look into it.

The pin not really solves the problem. It is still one click, so users still argue "worse than Outlook". Also with the new hoe WrikeLabs this is gone (hopefully it will be changed before release, but I would not count on it for future).

Thanks Sven

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I keep my finger crossed for you Sven Passinger

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Hi Florian Kislich, Pietro Poli, thanks for the support and ideas shared here! 

Sven Passinger - Let us know how you get on and if you are still facing an issue with this, please do update the thread 👍

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