when the workflow is changed, report data is lost


in the company where I work, we have several departments.
When a task moves from one project to another, the workflow changes. But when the workflow changes, all data from the reports is lost. This is really a big problem! thus the manager of each department cannot monitor the work of his own resources!

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Hello Simone Imperato,
why do you use only one task on multiple projects?
Wouldn't you like to use specific tasks in each project, linked through dependencies?
This way you have more control over what has been done before and what you will need to do.

Let me know, I had the same problem but we resolved ;)


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Hey! Can attachments, notes and task name be transmitted with dependencies? Because I need the photos and information contained in the activities to be transmitted to the other departments.
We are a graphic design office, we create designs for fashion. From the "creative department" the graphics must reach the "color variants department" and then arrive at the resource that takes care of the layout and archiving.

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Hi Simone Imperato,
I'm not sure but I think is not possible to clone attachmente, notes and task name by dependencies.
You can create a copy of attachments or move from one task to another manually.

I think you can follow 2 routes:

1- Using an unique WORKFLOW for all departments, adding / removing PROJECT using automation tool.
2- Using a CUSTOM ITEM to collect all information you need and use subtask for the work of each dept.

If you need help, write to me ;)



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Pietro Poli are you italian? Maybe we can talk in private...


We currently follow this pattern:

1. A graphic is loaded into the to-do list.
2. It is scheduled and assigned and moved to the "assigned" tab
3. It is taken over and moved to the "in progress" tab
4. Completed and sent to variant department via form

--- here the activity stops and via form then created a similar activity but with updated screenshots and files ---

1. The graphics arrive in the VARIANTS workspace
2. It is assigned and moved
3. Taking charge and carrying out

--- once completed it is sent to the layout department which, using the screenshots already loaded in the activity, is able to download and layout ---

With the Grannt diagram I think it is not possible to do something like this.
Even using workflow only, the various managers will not be able to evaluate how many graphics have been made and/or color variants

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Hi Simone Imperato,

yes I'm italian, I wrote you on LinkedIn (I hope is you 😅 the person I've contacted).

I think is not automatizable by "Gantt" by the way I think we can try to obtain something useful, using Custom Items ;)


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