Graphical Timelog representation

Hi all,

I'm admin for our implementation of Wrike, and we have had a request to see if we can have a graphical representation of hours tracked in timelog.

We are currently tracking via categories, essentially multiple categories of billable and non-billable hours, and our management would like to see a nice, easy to understand pie chart or something similar, breaking down how everyone has spent their time, in order to validate extra staff, etc. The current table-based timelog report is not appropriate in this case.

Is this currently a possibility in Wrike? I have spent some time exploring, but haven't found anything that would do what we need.

Cheers, Guy.

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Hi Guy Murphy,

you can create report with bars.
It's called "Time spent this week".


When you create it, go to edit and modify from Table to Column


Here the result:


Otherwise you need to use Wrike Analyze to get better insights.

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The report option is so close, yet so far from what we need.

It shows timelog entry count per category, but not time tracked per category. 😟

It's frustrating that we know that the data is there and captured, but we are stuck waiting until devs deem it important enough to provide an option to do it in that fashion.

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Hi Guy Murphy

you can create report by category, if you mean this "see image" as category.

In creation report you can group by CATEGORY

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Pietro Poli

Yep, understand exactly what you are saying, and this report is what I have created.

My grievance is that the Y-axis is counting time entries per category, not hours tracked per category.

Realistically, the number of time entries is a useless statistic - we want to see how our hours are being spent across our timelog categories.

We often have entire days tracked as one entry on one category, and then other days may have 8+ entries of an hour or less across multiple categories. In the current report, the hour-long entries would skew the entire report, as they hold the same weighting as the singular 8-hour entry.

Refer image below:

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Hi Guy Murphy,
Is not possible with this kind of report.
You need use Wrike Analyze :)



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