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Looking for help with assigning Task hours and how they show up on our Workload calendar.   When creating Task and assigning hours for Task, I select Flexible.   We have had our Creative team select Flexible instead of Basic for their work hours.   

We would like to "front load" the total number of hours automatically for the Workload calendar.   Currently we have to take an additional step of going into our Workload calendar and adjust hours to the first date/Start Date of Task.   Also if we adjust Tasks either from that project or others where Tasks (move around on the Workload calendar), we are finding, we have to go back into individual Tasks and change back the hours to first date/Start Date - they go back to spreading out the hours over each day - giving them so much time a day instead of having all the time on the first day.

Hoping there is a way to set up for automatic front loaded time - first day of Task/Start Date and way to lock this in once set up.

Here is example of what we are manually changing each time.   Hoping someone out there has solution - thanks in advance.

to this 

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Hi Michelle Lundy, is it possible for you to set the job to a single day?

I don't understand the point of having a task distributed over 3 days if the scheduled hours must be only on the first.

Can you help me understand better?

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Hi Pietro,

The Task involves several rounds and different groups who review the Creative item before it is passed to the next person's Task.   So we put in the days that involve related to the reviews on the Task.   Heavy lifting/work is done first day of Task so that is when we want to show the hours on the Workload chart.   Thanks.

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Hi Michelle Lundy
Have you thought about using milestones?

This way you could have:
- 1 task of 1 day with the correct load
- 1 milestone, after 2 days which has no effort but which reminds everyone that the deadline is that
- 1 task, dependent on the milestone to activate the next processing step



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Hi Pietro,

Thanks for the idea.   It seems like we would be creating 3 different Tasks instead of setting up for one Task.

We have thought about setting up Creative Task and Review Task to try to track the amount of time it takes for overall review times so similar thought.

Appreciate you taking time to review and provide suggestions.   Thanks again.



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