Bachelor’s degree work research for Wrike developers


I’m writing my bachelor’s degree work about AI technologies application for project management. For research part I need to explore how AI technologies help to complete project management tasks.

I have some questions and answers can help me with the research.
If some question is violating NDA, you may not answer to it.

  • What kind of project management tasks are being solved using artificial intelligence technologies in Your product?

  • Do You use any technologies to help project managers recruit staff/workers in a specific occupation for the project (for example, lead programmer)? If so, could You describe what parameters (for example, experience, interest for the job) the model takes into account?

  • What kind of models are being used in Your product? (linear regression, neural network, solution tree)

  • How did You gathered training data for the model? Did You use any publicly available sources of information?

  • Does Your product has models trained without the “teacher/watcher”? If so, then why didn’t Your choice wasn’t made in favor of training with “teacher/watcher”?

  • Which stage of creating the model do You consider as the hardest and most time consuming?

  • What language/technology was used for model development? Can You recommend a technology for artificial intelligence model development?


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Hi Diana Bobriseva, welcome to the Community 👋

I'm happy to share the resources on Wrike's AI features that are publicly available, please check them out 🙂

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