@assignees versus @followers

Everyone on my team can view all our projects at a space level.

However, I only assign ONE person to each task or project to prevent ownership confusion.

I then rely on @mentioning folks to get other eyes on the task or project.  This could mean that although 1 person is assigned to a task/project, 5 people might be having a discussion in the comments.

What's the best way to use @assignees and @followers to my advantage?  Or do I still need to @mention everyone who needs to see comments in those comments?

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I think this is a very important topic.

I strongly suggest using the follow function and avoid multiple assignees. Wrike adds everyone as follower who participates in a discussion of a task. Additionally, one can add himself as autofollower to specific folders.

I also check who's following If I add a comment @followers and manually add persons not following but need to pay attention.

On the other hand, one may get spammed by mentions in the inbox, so it could be helpful not to follow every task / folder.

I placed a feature request for detailed settings for different use cases here: Please vote up!

Advanced auto-follow settings – Wrike Help Center

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This is what I was hoping the answer would be.  I was worried it would automatically make everyone on the team a follower.  Great...so assignee is truly just people assigned, and followers is everyone who has been brought in via the comments section!

Happy to upvote!  Thanks!!

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Florian Kislich This brings up another question to me that you might know. It seems everyone in a space has the projects "shared" with them. But does that mean they are "following" also? I guess I just always assumed @followers included everyone shared with.

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Hi Eric,
no - not everyone who can see a task or project is following it necessarily. A task or project needs to be shared with one in order to be able to see it. There are different access levels of sharing - from readd only to full rights.
But following a task or projects means you get notified if someone mentions @followers, or even automatically by email if you put on certain notification options.
Kind regards


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