• Projects: How-to Tutorial

    Learn more about Wrike's key building blocks: Subtasks, Tasks, Folders, and Projects. Ideal for users who want a better understanding of best use cases for each item.

  • Involve your Team

    Dive into how to share data in Wrike and see what happens when you start collaborating with other users.

  • Wrike Reports: Getting Started

    Learn how to set up Reports and understand the difference between the two report types: Table and Column.

  • Wrike Basic Features

    An introduction to key Wrike features. Learn how to create Folders and get a breakdown of Task functionality (including how to schedule tasks and add attachments).

  • Wrike Intermediate Features

    See an example Folder structure, learn how to filter tasks so that you find the info you need, and learn about @mentioning to communicate with your teammates on tasks.

  • Wrike Advanced Features

    Take a quick look at a few different views available in Wrike: Dashboards, Timeline, Workload, Table, and List View.

  • Create Custom Dashboard Widgets

    Learn how to create Dashboard widgets that allow you to prioritize tasks and see the ones that are most important to you.

  • Time Tracker and Timer Features

    A quick tutorial on how to track time and an introduction to the Timelog View.

  • Drag and Drop Files

    Drag and drop items within Wrike to push them through to completion quicker. This video focuses on how to: attach files, arrange items on the Folder structure, and schedule tasks on the Timeline View.

  • Control What you Share

    This video focuses on sharing information in Wrike. Learn how to share the right information with the right people, how to stay up to date on projects, and more.

  • GTD in Wrike

    See how to take advantage of the Wrike features that follow the GTD methodology.

  • Lead Effective Weekly Meetings in Wrike

    Learn how to set up your Folder structure for weekly meetings. Wrike helps you keep meeting notes in one place so you can quickly find past meeting minutes and get easy access to action items.

  • How to Use Custom Fields in Wrike

    Learn more about Custom Fields and how they can help you customize Wrike so that it works best for your team.

  • How to Use Custom Workflows in Wrike

    An introduction to Custom Workflows, why they're useful, and how you can use them to speed up your work.


  • Webinar for Newcomers

    An introduction to Wrike and a great overview for newcomers who want to learn the basics and get an initial training.