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User Deletion vs. Deactivation


Account owners and admins in any Wrike account can delete users, but in Enterprise accounts they also have the option to deactivate users temporarily. When you deactivate a user, they'll be logged out of the workspace (on any browser/device where they're logged in) and won't be able to log in to their account again until you reactivate them. Conversely, once a user is deleted they won’t be able to access their account and you won’t be able to restore them.

User deletion vs. deactivation

The following table explains the main differences between user deletion and deactivation.



Possible on any account type

Only possible on Enterprise accounts

Permanently removes a user

User can be reactivated at any time

Possible to transfer access to items created by a user to another user

No data transfer

User doesn't take up a license seat

User still takes up a license seat


Account owners and members of multiple Wrike accounts can't be deactivated.

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