Annotations for proofing and approvals

This is a two part issue, the first being for regular documents, the second part is for video.



So when you highlight things, there's no real indicated what you highlighted to the comment you made.  It would be nice if the annotations were numbered, so there's a quick reference to which comment goes to which annotation.

Ability to download graphics, photos, pdfs, other documents with all annotations and comments. 

Ability to print graphics, photos, pdfs, other documents with all annotations and comments.


Same thing as the documents above, it would be helpful to number each annotation, so it's easy to see which annotation goes with with comment without having to click on them.

The concept is nice, but it falls short in my opinion.  For example, here's a typical workflow:
- Task assigned to editor

- Editor sees task in Adobe/Wrike extension panel

- Editor edits video

- Editor sends video to Wrike from Adobe/Wrike extension panel
- Wrike proofers and approvers review the file adding comments and annotations for changes

- The comments are then synched back to the Adobe/Wrike extension for the editor to see

- But the editor has no reference to what the comments are referring to... because the annotations don't come with the comments.


So my suggestion is, for Wrike to export a screenshot at each annotation timecode, and send that along with the comments, so the comments have some reference to them.  The snapshot should have the annotation, timecode, and maybe even an overlay (or below the still frame) of the comments.  Without this piece of the workflow, it means the current method breaks the workflow, and forces the editor to open the full version of Wrike so they can see the annotations that belong to the comments/changes.

Much like the DOCUMENTS above, it would also be nice to download a version of the video with the annotations and comments on them, so we can have a record if we lose the information in Wrike. 

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I was just about to draft something very similar to Francesco's comment.  I waste so much time selecting comments and trying to see what it actually refers to in the file.

I would also REALLY like to be able to print with the comments.  Either download and have them included in the download or print right from Wrike.  In some cases this makes for easier reconciliation.




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Chiming in to agree with the annotation request. The slight glow that comes from any of the markers when a comment is selected is almost impossible to see in most cases, especially when the proof is heavily marked up. It pretty much forces you to click on each marker in the project and then look to see which comment pops up, which is a pain. We've found that in most cases it's easier/preferred to scroll through the comments one-by-one. Having something similar to ProofHQ with a line connecting the comment to the marker would work.

We also have problems with the "dot" marker. Since it is not opaque, when someone uses it on a piece of text you can't see the copy the marker is referencing because it's covered up by this giant circle. Our department has actually internally made a rule that no one is allowed to use the dot, but still occasionally have problems when external collaborators proof.

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Hi guys, I've passed this on to the Product Team. This is not something on their current road-map, but they're happy to see suggestions and feedback here and will refer here when reviewing this functionality in the future.

@all, if you've landed here and are interested in this post. Make sure to upvote the original post and add a use-case if you have one👌

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Here's my 1 cent from peanut gallery - would love to be able to print from review screen as well as print annotations out from that screen and see annotations better! 🙃

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Yes, agreed on all of this.  My video editors are having a hard time with comments that they have started resolving in order that they were submitted, but they are frustrated that they can't link the comments to time stamps or frames of the videos. I've had complaints from our client side that they can't look back & see the dots/comments pop up as they are watching the video also, but the request for correlating time stamps, as well as the ability to export & filter comments, comes in all of the time. 

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Hi everyone, I'm happy to let you know that you can now export Proofing comments - please check out this announcement post for more details

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