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Option to click a task as a sticky to stay at the top of the list in a folder (also allow to click and drag order of stickies). Currently I backlog certain tasks and drag them to the top, but team members will likely not see it that way so it may get buried.

It would be useful for tasks that act like notes or references for team members relevant to the folder(s) they are in.

Sometimes a task can finish, but some of the notes/ data is useful to save for another task, for example. So the team can clear out tasks but still have some references they can go back to when working on a different task. Another example, some legacy info or standards used from a previous project can get stickied again in a new project/folder.


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Hi Jimmy, this is an interesting idea, thanks for sharing! It's not something on our Product Team's roadmap at the moment. There an existing feedback post from Valerie about ordering how tasks are listed.
For now, I think the best solution is to use the default 'Priority' option for sorting tasks and then simply drag and drop the tasks where you want them. This way you can drag the one you want as a sticky to the top of the list. Everyone who opens this Folder will see them in this order. You could also edit the name of the task with 'Sticky' as a prefix for your team's reference. Check out the GIF example below or this article about changing task's order from Anna.

Any questions, let me know.

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