Filtering tasks by assignOR

We are new ish to Wrike.

With any software system, ensuring we can effectively and quickly deploy the software is critical. We are working hard with our team to ensure they have trust in the system. We have been creating various dashboards to give our team the visibility they require. We are aware you can filter tasks by assignee but one area that is not currently possible is the ability to filter tasks by assignOR. 

Having this functionality would enable our team to keep a track of all the tasks they assign (this is different to being an author) and allow them to easily monitor the task status. This will give the team more confidence in the software by not losing visibility of tasks they assign and hence greater desire to take a leap of faith and actually use the system completely.

I was on the phone to Wrike support this morning and they advised that I write this post and also advised the simplest solution to our use case was for Wrike engineers to create the ability to filter by assignor. PLEASE develop this feature request as soon as possible!

Thank you! 

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This is a good suggestion, Lorne, and you've definitely posted it to the right place. 
I understand our Support Team has gone through a workaround with you, but I'll just outline two below for any members that might come across this post with the same query and are looking for a solution for now.
Thanks for sharing 🙂
The Suggested workarounds:
1. Create a Dashboard widget and using filters, tick all members except yourself (i.e. do not tick 'current user' and [your name] from filters option) and you'll see all assigned tasks to all other members. Note: This solution will show all tasks assigned from all users, not just tasks you've assigned and tasks you've assigned to yourself.
2. The second option is to create a text Custom Field which lists all team members who assign tasks (this may be time-consuming for very large teams) and manually add your name when assigning a task to someone. This, however, involves a new best practice for your team to ensure they select this Custom Field each time to assign a task.
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