A builder tool for power users to improve adoption

Wenbo Liu has posted good insights there, https://www.wrike.com/blog/3-foolproof-steps-to-ace-your-wrike-implementation/. As well as a nice sample Standard Operating Procedure to download. So here is a brainstorm-like idea on that topic. 

Maybe some kind of Standard Operating Procedure builder would be useful (likely via some other startup integration), so a power user (a manager) could ease the implementation of a new SOP based on new features he/she just gained with Wrike, and ease the adoption of Wrike itself in the team. The resulting SOP may be a simple text, a text with screenshots or a flowchart (some of our examples: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7jb56zs2owo1ir5/AADdpkRUEGvI5C1lshF893wca?dl=0).

An extra wild idea to this topic. We are with Wrike for 3 months. I truly appreciate its power, but I had a hard time convincing others that Wrike is definitely that very tool (among hundreds of others) which everybody should adopt. So another builder could be useful here: a landing page builder, for the ease of adoption. So the power user could quickly build a page for the teammates, that would consist of content blocks outlining Wrike's pros and features most relevant for his/her team. These blocks could be a list of famous companies that use Wrike (every team has different famous companies they respect); info about Wrike, Inc. size; info about Wrike, Inc. investment rounds; videos of David Allen interview to Wrike (for those teams that love GTD); some other cool videos of Wrike; a notion that Wrike is actively developed (with a link to https://help.wrike.com/hc/en-us/categories/201196365-Release-Notes); a number of downloads in Google Play; and other cool things about Wrike that would help a manager to neatly convince the teammates that though they never heard about Wrike it's definitely the best thing chosen for a new Standard Operating Procedure in their company, worth investing their time into it right away.

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Hi Maxim! This is fantastic, thank you for sharing those examples, I really enjoyed looking through those PDFs. I think your team has a great approach, and I wanted to share some resources other Community members have created and posted here which you might be interested in:

You can also use this Playbook template for creating a customized resource to share with your team, as well as direct new team members to our Customers page (and other locations on our site) to learn more about how Wrike has helped different teams. All teams are unique, and it sounds like the info each of these teams could benefit from would be completely different. Hopefully the Playbook template will help with putting some of those puzzle pieces together. If you're looking for a bit more, we're always here with the Account Management and Customer Success teams to help you put together a guidebook with the resources which matter to your team. Let me know if there's anything I can help with! :)

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