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I usually find myself looking for setting an alarm so I can be helped to remember to do something (Wrike related of course).

I know alarms can be accomplished by so many applications today, but... I think it would be great to set alarms right there where I work most part of the day, at Wrike. Also it would be an added value because most of the times the alarms I need are related to tasks in Wrike, so... please don´t ban me for a non_wrike_way_to_go idea  ;)

Thanks in advance for your time.


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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Alex, welcome to the community forums :) We love hearing product feedback suggestions, so don't worry! 

In terms of alarms, I think you may be looking for something to what Megan brought up in one of her posts. If it sounds like that's what you're looking for could you please add a +1 there? 

I also want to mention our Google Calendar integration which allows you to schedule tasks as Google Calendar events. It's something I've personally used when I need to remember to complete a task at a specific time, or need a reminder to check in on how the task is progressing. I would love to hear if you think that might help in your situation. 


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