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Is there a way to link your tasks to a calendar and receive a pop up when task is due?  This is my biggest struggle in moving my tasks out of my Outlook calendar to Wrike. I have certain tasks that need to be done at certain times of the day. I Iike having a little reminder pop up via Outlook to alert me my task is coming due. Is there such a feature in Wrike? I do not want email notifications.

I don't even see a little calendar anyway for reference.  


thank you!

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Hi Dina, thanks for reaching out here! It's possible to add tasks to your Outlook Calendar with the help of iCal integration, however, this won't show a specific due time. I understand that you're using Outlook, but just in case it helps, I wanted to mention that we recently released an integration with Google Calendar, which allows you to create a calendar even right from a task and indicate the time it's scheduled for. There's a feature request in our Product Feedback section, for the ability to set due time, which I think you might be interested in voting for: Due Date-Time. Happy to see your suggestions there too!

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