Time reports on Customer, Project, or Specific Person

I'm looking for a template to create reports that would show for time on a particular customer or project, we have custom fields for low time/high time to compare against time spent.  It would be great to be able to sort that by specific person, to view data by project or folder, etc. 

One of the primary reasons we started with SharpSpring was to have the reporting capabilities so we can use that in managing our consulting business work. The reporting capabilities just do not hit the mark or allow us to create truly customized report templates. (at least not that we've been able to do thus far)

Example: if I want to look at all time spend on a specific project compared to estimated high/time or low time (custom fields) then be able to view that by person, by task, etc. 

Example: We use time tracked in Wrike to validate invoices from contractors - it would be great to have a view that shows by contractor what projects/tasks and all the pertinent time data low/high estimates and actual time spent in that time period for that client, project, or task. 

Example: want to look at all time spent last year by person and view how that time is broken out i.e. are we spending too much time on administrative tasks vs. client work vs. sales efforts, etc. 

Would appreciate any ideas/help!



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Stephanie Westbrook

Hi Sue! First off, I’m trying to make this as concise as possible, but it will still be long, so please bear with me. 

There are a few different report types you mention and I’ll go over those one at a time to cover different options. I did have a few questions and I put those in below. 

Track time spent on a customer/project. 

(I think you may already know about these two options, but want to cover them just in case). 

  • Option 1 Timelog View: This will let you see total time spent on a Folder/Project, and give you a breakdown by user, and timeframe. If you want to see time spent for all tasks in a Project or Folder. 1) Select the Project from the left-hand Navigation panel. 2) Switch to the Timelog View. 3) You’ll see the total time spent for all tasks in that Folder/Project at the bottom of the screen. From here you can click the filters icon to filter by a specific person or time frame. 
  • Option 2 Reports: This will let you track total time spent on selected Projects (without a breakdown by assignee). 1) Click Reports 2) Select Projects 3) Check the boxes next to the Projects you would like to report on 4) Add any desired filters (like time frame, project owner, etc). 5) Click “Save & View. 6) Click the gear icon in the left-hand corner and check the box next to “Time Spent”. You can check boxes next to other Custom Field names to have them appear on your report. You can also create a Report that shows tasks instead or Projects, let me know if you want to do that. 

Example 1: Compare time planned vs. actual time and then break down by person/task. 

While we can compare planned time vs actual time using Custom Fields, if there are multiple people working on each task, then we don’t have the ability to then also break down that data by person/task. Example 3 goes over what we can do if there is one person working per task. We have a post that goes over how to do planned vs. actual time comparison in detail, but please let me know if you have any questions. 

Example 2: Run a Report by contractor, for the Projects/tasks they worked on, and see how much time they spent on a client/Project or task. Compare time planned vs. actual time and then break down by person/task.

This is interesting - Can you let me know if there are multiple contractors working on the same projects/tasks, or is there one contractor per Project/Task?

Example 3: Track what people are spending time on, to see how resources are being allocated. 

If contractors are added as Project owners/assignees, we could pull a report that shows the tasks/projects that the contractors worked on and how much total time was spent on each of those tasks (if multiple people worked on a task, you would see total time, not time per user per task). We could talk about how to create a report that shows time spent on tasks by client (it could mean creating a Folder for each client). This would tell you how much overall time was spent on tasks related to that client, but it wouldn’t give you a breakdown of how much time individual people spent working on tasks for a client. Would either of those Reports help your use case?

Please let me know if I got any of the report types wrong, or misunderstood anything. I’m looking forward to hearing back from you and discussing this more!

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