🖊️Releases-Calendar updates, sharing changes, and fun with fonts (11/29/2019)

Feature Updates

First Week Day + Public Calendars

We're getting pretty good with first dates: the first day of the week for public calendars now changes automatically depending on which locale you open the calendar from.

Sharing "Undo" Popup

You'll now get a popup notification when you click the "undo" button after sharing an item from a complex folder structure with someone and this popup will give you the option to change the decision. After all, sharing is caring.


Project Progress Percentage Fix

If the creator of a project got deleted from your account, that project's progress was calculated incorrectly and stayed at 0% at all times. Fixed!

Aggregated Values Font Change

Not so long ago we started displaying aggregated values on the Table view in smaller gray font. This change was supposed to be limited to the Table view, but the new formatting snuck onto Reports and the Timelog view as well. Fixed!
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With the recent release looks like Wrike updated the time entry UI significantly. Consensus from our company is that we do not like the new widget at all. We don't think it's a preference. The new widget is just worse. May I ask if you can please roll back to the previous UI or allow us to choose which UI we want to use?

Here is the feedback:

You used to be able to put time in at the click of a button in {N} increments. Now you have to type out your time. Hint: if you want 10 minutes, you have to put “10m” or ":10". If you put just “10" it counts as 10 hours.  This is clunky.

"not a fan of this new layout. I accidentally just logged ten hours and didn’t notice until I checked my log for today was at 15+ hours"

"one other issue, the drop down for the categories now looks just like a text based field, and not a dropdown, so it's not as intuitive / easy to display all the fields we track.

Additionally, there is a limit to how many categories it will display from the dropdown, there wasn't before. Now, you have to type out the ones that you don't see displayed. 

Given that you've rolled out a keyboard biased entry method — why don't we have a shortcut key to focus to the time entry on the task displayed and edit it? Can you create a keyboard shortcut set for time entry?

Lastly, you used to be able to delete entries from the task but that was taken away. Now if you make a mistake you have to navigate back to the timelog view. This is another problem for us and loss of efficiency. 

Thanks for your attention to this. 


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I agree with Shane on all his points. Also, we should have the ability to set the date first before entering the hours as our users sometimes hit submit after entering their hours. Thanks.

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Agreed with Shane. Why aren't major UI changes like this included in the release notes?

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Hey everyone!

Thank you for your feedback, we found it to be really interesting so we've sent it on to our Product Managers and they'll be taking it into account while considering future updates for the feature!

The update for Time Tracking is included in this week's Weekly Releases, check them out here 😊

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