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I need help with tagging projects.  My executives at my company would like to search for key words to find a project or task.  We use this in one note and evernote with over 1000's of entries.  Similar to tagging an Instagram post, we need to put categorical words with in the project.  Is this possible?  




Barton Dewing

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There isn't a way to tag that I know of. There is a secret trick to creating dashboard widgets based on a search that is amazing for our business:

1. Search for the term or phrase you are looking for. (Isolate to the folder as necessary)

2. Click Show More

3. Click Show All (This opens up a list view with the search parameter you set)

4. Now click the hamburger menu (three dots)>Add to Dashboard

This was an absolute game changer for us. Check it out!

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Hi Barton, 

The concept of hashtags in Wrike doesn't exist, but "tagging" folders and tasks does exist. This is one of my favorite features of Wrike.

In your folder list, you can create as many different structures as you need to support your business. I did this for a client and it gave different departments different ways to view the work. Since the list of folders and projects on the left is searchable, it also provided a way to quickly search for a folder name.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about.

Active Projects (parent folder)

|__ Individual Projects (child folders tagged to the parent)

      |__ Project A

      |__ Project B

      |__ Project C

Departments (parent folder)

|__ Department 1

      |__ Project A

      |__ Project B

|__ Department 2 (child folder)

      |__ Project A

      |__ Project C

Since you can "tag" tasks and folders to multiple folders, you can have a very flexible way to organize your work and surface it to the right groups. Further, sharing of the folders allows you ways to fine tune who can see what in each area.

It's a bit of a hard concept to get by just reading about it. Try it out and let me know what you think.

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@Eric @Michael, great workarounds! I was thinking along the same lines.
@Barton Hey and welcome to the Forums :)
Along with the above options, you can use Search commands, for example the "*" command will help you search items by part of a keyword. To help Search work at its best, I'd recommend ensuring that the naming conventions for items in your Wrike account are well thought out and clear, so others can easily find them by searching. I hope that's helpful! 

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Unfortunately using folders or projects as tags isn't ideal because these folders/projects cannot be shared with other wrike users without sharing all the tasks contained within them. Really what is needed is either an independent tag feature or a modification of the wrike labs feature known as 'Inherited sharing' to allow tasks to be independent of their container permissions.




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