Tracking Responsibilities

I am managing a project and some of the individuals (senior executives) will have tasks assigned to them but will not want to receive emails from Wrike.  How best do I identify that a task will be someone's responsibility without assigning it to them?  Do I simply create a folder listing those executives and move the task to that folder so I know it's their responsibility? 

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Hi Eric, welcome to the Community!

I'm wondering if you have you looked at the option of turning off email notifications for these users? They can do this in their Personal Profile, under 'email addresses'. This way they won't receive emails about tasks they follow 

If you want to use Folders, what you could do is create a Folder called Senior Executives and then, create SubFolders within for each person (hopefully it's not too many!). Then you can use tags to add a Subfolder to a task. This is very much a workaround and not exactly the most direct way to add responsibility. 

I'd recommended assigning tasks the normal way and review the email notification preferences for each person instead 🙂

Let me know what you think 👍


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Hey Eric, I second what Stephen posted here. What we found in our initial deployment about a month ago, was that our handful of beta testers were going crazy with the amount of notifications they receive. After consulting with our Wrike Deployment Lead Brett, he advised to change those notification defaults.

We ended up only keeping Notifications on for the following:
Someone @mentions me
Someone assigns me a task

A good rule of thumb is to read every Notification email you get for about a week. When you read it, ask yourself if it's valuable, or annoying/unnecessary. If it's the latter, go into your Notifications settings (from your Workspace, go to Profile), and turn that kind of Notification off. Once you're confident you have your settings right, Wrike should be able to take care of changing those defaults across the board (or at least they did for us).

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