"Real" Read-only access on Report sharing

Force the user “unable” to change all settings, such as grouping type or which fields are visible on the report.

Similar as snapshot. 

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Hi Rex Sheng,

Thank you for your feedback!

You are right that a user with Read Only access to a report can still add columns and groupings to their view of the report, but this only affects how they see the report and does not change the view for anyone else who opens it. And even the columns and groupings the user added will revert back to the original appearance for them when they close and re-open the report later.

This is also the same way that report snapshots function. Anyone who opens the snapshot link will be able to add columns and groupings, without changing the way others view the report.

One key difference to keep in mind with regards to users opening reports in Wrike with Read Only access and opening a report through a snapshot link: in Wrike those users will only be able to see the items on the report that are shared with them. For example, if financial fields, custom fields, or tasks aren't shared with a user, then they won't be able to see them on the report when they open it in Wrike. However, if that same user opens the report through a snapshot link, then all financial fields, custom fields, and tasks will be visible to them.

Thanks again for your feedback and please let us know if you have any questions. 😊

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