Annually Recurring Templated Projects

We have many projects that occur annually with the same series of steps - IE our Annual Report. I need some reminder to actually launch to template. 


It would be great to have either a reminder that can be built into the template. 

OR recurring projects. But it would be great if you could edit settings where the tasks wouldn't show in your assigned jobs until closer in. For example - I don't want to see tasks for a project 4 years from now. 

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Hi Maggie, this is a really interesting idea! While Project/Template reminders aren't a part of the current functionality, I have some suggestions which could potentially make these processes easier:

  • Create a Template for these recurring Projects, and duplicate them as many times as needed.
  • To hide scheduled tasks until a later point in time, set their status to deferred. Tasks from this status group are hidden from the to do or overdue widgets on your Dashboard or on To-Do emails.
  • Leave one active task in each of these Projects, which will be scheduled for the date when you need to change all other tasks to an active status. This will serve as a reminder task.
  • If you use Google Calendar, I recommend taking a look at our new Google Calendar Integration, which allows you to schedule a task as an event for a specific time in your calendar (and be reminded about it).

I understand that you're looking for a more streamlined solution, and I appreciate the idea you've posted here. Happy to hear what other users think about this too!

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I try to do most daily work using Dashboards, basically have 5 Widgets.  You can create seperate Dashboards for Personal / Work, or for specific projects if you like.

  • My Tasks to be completed today (High Priority) (Target limit 3 tasks)
  • My Tasks to be completed in near future (~2 Weeks) (Normal Priority)
  • My Tasks to be completed in future or low importance(Low Priority)
  • My Backlogged Tasks (Should do Someday. but no schedule)
  • WAITING FOR (Any task created by me, but not assigned to me - sorted by due date)

All the scheduled widgets have a filter for START <= TODAY.  If a task is scheduled to start in the future, it will not show up on my dashboard.  Priorities are often selected wen forwarding emails into Wrike.

I keep the dashboard de-cluttered by re-scheduling / prioritizing task to future days when I'm likely to work on them.  I never use Deferred for anything.  Custom statuses would be great to use, but we have not opted to subscribe to higher level services.

I have never really figured out the My Work section, and this method seems to give me much better control of what's happening.


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@Jason, thank you for sharing the way you use Dashboards! I personally love this view, and I think your approach to widgets is fantastic (I may even re-organize my own Dashboard right now). 

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