I am holding a daily stand-up meeting and sometimes this is face to face and other times people are remote and we use Teams.

Is there anything I can use Wrike for to be a little more efficient ?  How do you use Wrike in your meetings?

We have a task board to capture action items at meetings, that's it. 

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Hey James, absolutely you can do this in Wrike to make things more efficient for your team. This is a great reference article you should check out:

I've set up meeting notes templates for teams and can vouch for the positive results. We put meeting notes in a folder. A couple benefits I've seen:

  • No more guessing where the notes are located - they team just knows where to find them
  • Setting up and pre-planning meetings in Wrike can also populate the calendar view
  • @mentioning people and linking to other tasks/projects in Wrike are "smart" 
  • Easier to create action items as tasks - we capture them initially as subtasks, then move them around after the meeting as needed
Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

I like to create custom reports and share them during my meetings. I have a report that shows all the current vs upcoming projects, if you use custom fields they can be inserted into the report too! Another report I use shows all the tasks that are due within a set time frame. Instead of going into each individual project, accessing this report is easy to reference what is all due in the coming days (also makes it easier to bug people on their tasks). 

Spot On Innovative Approach Stellar Advice

Eric Clark, thanks for the feedback.

Would it be possible to share and explain more in detail how you do your Meeting Notes ?

I'm looking for an efficient way to make meeting notes creating task in multiple projects and be able to share the notes as a readable PDF.




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