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We have tried to migrate many of our internal IT processes and projects at the company but we struggle with one - Help Desk. Is there any way to have a non-Wrike user send an email (not a request form) which would go to Wrike and create a task creating the ID# in a Specified Space? These would be non-Wrike users.

For example, Stacy is a non-Wrike user. She has an issue with her computer. She sends an email to: That email automatically sends over to Wrike, creates a task and ID#, then automates a response to Stacy. The IT support team that would change the status of the ticket would be Wrike users.

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Hi Shelly Erickson,

I think we have a set-up that may help you out! 

We have an email router specifically set up for anyone that has any Wrike issues (e.g. . When someone emails that specific router, a coworker of mine has a rule set up in Outlook to forward that email to the Wrike email address for a folder location in Wrike. If it is possible, it might also be an option to add the Wrike folder email address straight to the router. 

Then when an email comes in, a task is created within Wrike. You can then set up an automation if you want to assign one or more people to new tasks coming in based on the "In this folder, if a task is created, assign __, __, and __ to the task". 

You may also be able to utilize an Outlook or email rule to auto reply to the sender with information that it was submitted into Wrike. 


The only other idea I have is to create a simple request form and set it to external so non-Wrike users can submit requests. That could then also kick off a project or task, and would give options for an email response. 


Hope this helps!

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