Restrict Account Admin right to invite new users


  • All account admins can invite new users. There is no way to restrict that, for example with a specific Admin permission. As soon as a Regular User is made an Account Admin, they can access the User Management tab and invite new users to the account.

Change request

  • Please enable the explicit admin permission to invite new users to the account so that this permission can be deactivated for certain account admins.



  • With around 12.000 users, we need admins on country level, sometimes even branch level that can be the end user's first level of technical support and be able to perform account admin tasks, but not necessarily be able to invite new users.
  • This has led to us having over 70 Account Admins right now, and reaching the available seat limit repeatedly and having to downgrade Regular Users to Collaborators.


Future outlook:

  • Our Spaces are usually countries, which would be the ideal level to enable Space admins with more governance capabilities like workflow, work schedule, job roles, etc. management
  • In the future, we hope that Space admins (who can be regular users) will gain more capabilities. Right now, they can already manage Request Forms and their Space in a meaningful way without being Account Admins: If this role would be enhanced, these admins could take over responsibilities for daily business on country or branch level and would not need to be Account Admins.
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Hi Christina Fischer, thanks a lot for posting this suggestion! I'm passing it on to the team now 👍

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