Calendar Limitations... Need text wrap and priority filter

My teams are frustrated with the limitations of smartCalendar view.

Single day task names get cut off, and for days with multiple tasks there's no ability to move tasks in the stack high to low. Text Wrap functionality as default and the ability to move task position - like a 'priority' sort - are both critical for having a Cal that internal team and clients can digest easily and follow. 

Even the new PDF export function option isn't yet worthwhile without text wrap and task movement needed.

Anyone have similar frustration?

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Hey Dylan Edgar, welcome to the Community!

It currently is not possible to recreate the view you're describing in Calendar view. Would you like me to move this thread into the Product Feedback section? This way, other Community members can vote to show their support and share their own feedback too.

If you have any other questions, be sure to let me know!

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