Mobile App File Attachments

Please add IOS and Android share functionality to allow attaching files from the file source location into the Wrike. For example if reviewing a PDF email on mobile and I want to attachment that file to a Wrike folder, Project or Task i have to:

  1. Save the file somewhere on my phone/tablet
  2. Open the Wrike task folder or project where the attachment has to go and select add attachment
  3. Navigate to the save location (which no one remembers)

Would be such a snap to just click share and have Wrike right there as a option on the share screen.

Make this happen!


Note this is available in android in a very limited way, currently only able to attach to a new or existing task, not to folders or projects. Also when selecting an existing task, the navigation is bad (you get only a search bar, cannot navigate to a folder to find a task that you are looking for).

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