Buttons, Interactive Objects, & full HTML in Task Descriptions

It would be amazing if task description could support full HTML similar to what is available in outlook. Think of the emails Wrike sends, the ones that have the pretty colored boxes that say ‘OPEN IN WRIKE’ or some other message, these are HTML formatted links, it would be awesome for the same to be possible in descriptions! Many customers (like myself) are already creating integrations, imagine how awesome it would be if we could add buttons that let our users click and actually “execute the work” the task is asking them to do. Typical use case, we have a task titled “update the Cost Report”, if there was a button titled “Edit Cost Report” that is hyperlinked to that report the users could go and execute the work immediately from the task. This is similar to the interactive buttons on Slack. Allowing users to set triggers and actions like slack from within descriptions would really be a game changer in terms of getting work done faster. Maybe instead of having the above functionality in the description field, a new “toolbox” area could be added to hold these custom tools and/or buttons.
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