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Wanting to know if Wrike can support 'task' creation in mass. I have a larget list of task that is in an excel file that needs to be created. My hope is that we can take a series of field data and create a task without the associated information at scale. Wanting a task for each row of data that we have. Is this possible?


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Hey Jessica, congratulations on your first Community post 🙂

Wrike offers the Excel Import feature that can help with mass creation of tasks.

Right from your XLS file, you'll be able to

  • Create a Folder or Project
  • Create a Subfolder
  • Create a Task
  • Create a Milestone Task
  • Include a Task in Several Folders
  • Create Subtasks
  • Add a Task Description
  • Add a Task Status
  • Create a Dependency

Please follow the instructions on our Help Center and let me know if anything's unclear 👍

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