Using Spaces to grant access for customers


We are looking for a way to grant access for customers for a limited amount of info. We are thinking of the following set-up.

We have activities in multiple countries. For the most part, our employees work for customers in their own country. For some specialised services however, we work cross country. The way we want to set this up is to create a private space per country, let's say 'Country Space A' and 'Country Space B'.

Users will be granted access to their Country Space. Within these Country Spaces we create folders and projects to group the info per customer and per project.

Next we like to grant customers access to all relevant info regarding their projects and support questions. Some info we deem not relevant or suitable to share however. And the project services can be provided from several countries.
So we are thinking of creating a public Customer Space and grant the external customer collaborators to a folder in this Customer Space.

The tasks we like to share in the Country Spaces will be tagged to the respective customers from the Customer Space. This should give us:

1) The Customer Space that is accessible for customers with all the tasks we shared with them;
2) The employees per country have all shared and not-shared tasks in 1 folder in the Country Space;
3) The employees can access the info shared by other countries via the Customer Space.

So my questions are:
1) Will this set-up work?
2) Are there any limitations or consequences to this set-up?
3) Is there a smarter alternative way for this set-up?

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Hey Taco, seems like a good approach.

So you'll have a customer space, which relevant items you want customers to see will be tagged there - sounds good to me.

I guess you'll be giving customers Collaborator license so you could create a dummy Collaborator license under a new email and sign in using this license just to check what they'll see and make sure everything is how you want it. Might be worth doing considering this is a building block to your overall approach.

I'm curious to what others think of this so I've featured the post on the Community Homepage.

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