Communicating with clients & updating the case


We as a consultancy company run many projects with our customers we use Wrike for part of the communication and workflow management. Some key users of our customers have access via a customer account. However, on request of our customers, not all their users have access. Usually for need-to-know reasons. 
Therefore most of our communication with customers and their users is via mail. We upload all these mail in one go to Wrike also.

Recently the functionality changed for the worse for us, creating additional work. The cases are:

Case 1: Customer employee has no Wrike access (as is supposed to be)
If we address the customer employee directly or in CC, the user will receive an invite to Wrike. This is not what the key user wants!
Only if we use BCC for adressing, the customer employee will not get an invite.

Case 2: Customer user has Wrike access
If we address the user directly or via BCC, the user is assigned to the task of the uploaded mail. Only if we use 'CC' to address, the user is not assihgned.
We do not want the user to be assigned, as he'll respond via email. And often there are also other users involved without a Wrike account.

In summary: if the user has no account, we have to use BCC, otherwise we need CC. With combined users we have to unassign the task.

This is not a workable situation as you hopefully understand.

We expect that:
1) If the user has no Wrike account: only direct addressing will give a Wrike invite. Using CC or BCC will not
2) If the user has a Wrike account: only direct addressing will assign the task. Using CC or BCC will not.

Please attend to this upload functionality as this reduces the usability of Wrike for our company severely!

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