Deleting time entry categories and its impact on historical data

Hey everyone, 

We are eliminating a few time entry categories that employees can select, in order to simplify the billing process at the end, but I am wondering what impact it will have on retrieving historical data. 

Ex) We no longer need the "Meeting" category previously setup as it is just being grouped into the new encompassing "Administrative Time" category now. 

Will the entries that have previously used this category be deleted?

Will the entries still pull up on reports, i.e. time entries for April?

Will this impact any API connections with connectwise? 

Any insight would be much appreciated - Thanks!

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Hi Tony,

Good question. I needed to test it 🤓

When you delete the Timelog category, it does not delete the entries under that category. When you view all entries, you'll still see it there with the old Catagory name listed.

As for APIs, I'd really need some more detail about what the API is doing. If an API is created in some way that directly uses the Catagory name and value to complete actions elsewhere this may have an effect - you may need to check this out in the code.

Hope this helps!

It would also be great to hear what prompted this overhaul of Timelog categories, I'm always interested to hear how people are using this more effectively 👍


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