Subtasks showing in Reports when grouped

Was asked to submit suggestion to this forum. Thread below: 



Mariam S (Wrike)

Feb 6, 9:09 AM PST


Thanks for sharing your case. 

Indeed the subtasks are not being distinguished in the Reports and they are being listed along with Parent tasks. This is a great suggestion though. You can make a post on pages of our Community section about it: . Our developers are monitoring the feedback and are considering all the ideas the users post. Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts with us. 

Best regards,

Mariam S
Customer support team



Austin Headley

Feb 6, 7:25 AM PST

Thanks Mariam. This would work but it doesn’t group tasks and subtasks together like the other view does. If it did that, it would be perfect!


We use main tasks as “folders” and subtasks as deliverables, and sometimes a task is the project (if it’s only one deliverable). So when reporting we need to see the top level item and sub items grouped together.




Mariam S (Wrike)

Feb 4, 10:10 AM PST

Hi Austin,

Mariam here from Wrike support. 

Indeed, when you select grouping by "Parent Folder" and when there are items that belong to several Folders/Projects at the same time show up under each parent Folder separately. Currently there is no way do exclude duplicates, because technically they are located in all of the items they are tagged with. If you wish to see the items only once, you can group them using other grouping option:

Best regards,

Mariam S
Customer support team



Austin Headley

Feb 4, 8:48 AM PST

Hi there. I have a weekly report that I go through with my team. Some projects are located in multiple folders. Which means they show up twice in the report.

The functionality of the stacked bar that allows items to be sorted by their parent tasks works great, however, if the item exists in 2 folders, it is duplicated. Is there a way around this? Can I have this view but have it remove duplicated items somehow? I'm thinking no, but maybe I'm missing something.


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I'm having the same issue! Would love to have this resolved!


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