Invoicing projects based on time spent

Hey guys, tracking time against projects is pretty great and I think Wrike's implementation is good for that. However, when it comes to billing customers for the projects we're working on (T&M or Fixed Fee), we have to export time logs and create our own invoices. I think it would be a great addition to explore the possibility of doing invoicing from Wrike.

I believe there are third party tools out there that can help with this and make it easier, but having this in one system would be great. Especially if you are tracking budgets on a project in Wrike you'd want to see how much has been invoiced to date. 

And this could open up the door to a bunch of other possibilities too. Such as the ability to see P&L of a project, effective rates, etc. Along with overall better visibility (again, within the same system you're doing the work out of) to the health of the project.

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Hi Eric, you're right, this is something that has come up a few times. Right now, the focus is on continuing the enhance the current Wrike functionality. 

As you can imagine, building an invoice system would be a huge project. Right now we use some integrations like this straightforward one from Zapier with Quickbooks. Our open API can also expand the possibilities of what might be possible.

Thank you for posting this here as it's something I've thought about myself in the past. If I have an update I'll be sure to post back here to let you know of any developments in this direction 👍

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